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How do people cope with cancer?

Being told that you or someone close to you has lung cancer is like being bit by a bombshell. So how do people cope with cancer? Here are some key points that have proven valuable over the years.

1) The most important factor is your attitude -- the good old power of positive thinking. Does this mean burying your head in the sand and hoping for the best? Far from it. It means acknowledging that you in fact, have cancer and then being determined to make the most of your situation and of your time. Death is certainly a possible outcome of lung cancer. So you must prepare for the worst eventuality while hoping for the very best. Enjoy your time, your family, friends, the sunshine and all the rest! When you do overcome the cancer, you will then look back on this time with tremendous gratitude. Look forward to that time when you remember the experience with gratefulness.

2) Knowing what the cancer is all about is important when it comes to coping with cancer. Read up everything you can on the specific cancer you have. Talk to your doctor for more information. There are helplines in most cities that can provide both information and emotional support -- check them out. It is important to keep your mind occupied and busy in a positive way.

3) Keeping as fit as possible is critical not only for the best possible chances of recovery but also for maintaining that positive bent of mind. Consult your doctor on the types of exercises that are appropriate for you, but make sure you do get the right kind of exercise. Ask the doctor for tips on the best diet for you as well. While some types of cancer treatments can drain you of energy, make goals to keep moving forward -- it will help tremendously.

4) A strong support system is essential in times of crisis like this. Your family may, in fact, be the best support system around. But some people do not feel comfortable sharing their feelings and traumas with family members. If that's you, seek out cancer support groups in your vicinity. In particular, seek out and talk to cancer survivors. Their support and encouragement can be invaluable.

5) Finally, make sure you stay involved with your treatment. Today, most doctors encourage this. In any case, take the lead in staying involved. You will be better off for it.

The above are some of the best answers to the question "how do people cope with cancer?"

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