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Are there any main causes of cancer?
Knowing these can help with cancer prevention.

Lung cancer facts
Useful articles, latest tips and more on cancer.

How many people have cancer in the United States?
The grim statistics on cancer in the United States.

Does make-up cause cancer?
Many brands of cosmetics contain known carcinogens that can potentially cause cancer as well as other dangerous health conditions.

What is the prognosis for squamous cell carcinoma?
Squamous cell carcinoma can affect many different body organs. Here's what it means for patients.

How do people cope with cancer?
Five essential tips to help you cope with cancer. Must-have information if you or someone you know has cancer.

Lung cancer information
Useful, must-know inputs on lung cancer.

Is lung cancer genetic?
Does it run in families? Are there genes responsible for causing it? Some answers.

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