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Revolting lung cancer pictures

Some lung cancer pictures are so disgusting that they would make many hard-core smokers quit the smoking habit forever!

Photos of cancerous lungs taken through a bronchoscope and snaps of a cancer-affected lung removed from a dead person are not pretty sights. Neither are lung cancer pictures of a specimen taken from a pneumonectomy (which is a surgical procedure that removes a lung to get rid of cancer).

You will find several pictures of lung cancer below. Check them out.

Picture 1
Photo of a cancerous lung taken through a bronchoscope. This patient is now deceased. The photo was taken by the doctor.

Picture 2
Specimen from a pneumonectomy procedure.

Picture 3
Photo of lungs showing cancers.

Picture 4
A cancerous lung, removed from the body.

Be warned - some of these photos are not for the squeamish! If you have a weak stomach, perhaps you should not view these lung cancer pictures.

If you happen to be a smoker, we hope these pictures help you finally quit smoking. If so, these photos would have really accomplished something worthwhile.

Seriously, there is no excuse to put off quitting smoking. Lung cancer has an overall five year survival rate of just 15%. That means, of all those who diagnosed with lung cancer, only about 15% were alive at the end of five years. Maybe these lung cancer pictures might help avoid that disaster as far as you are concerned.

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